Google Chrome is Google’s open source browser project

Monday, September 01, 2008 | ,

Google will launch a new browser called Google Chrome.
What's in it :

1. Free and Open Source using components from Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox or it will include Google’s Gears project: so no one will mentioned about monopoly in web browser market. But Google still benefit in more Google-apps suitable platform.
2. New java-script engine called V8 with separated java script process in one windows browser, which is allow us to manage certain web sites that "eat-to-much" our computer resources. IOW : able to prevent one tab from crashing another. This feature also
3. New Tabs

4.The browser has an address bar with auto-completion features. Called omnibox

5.As a default homepage Chrome presents you with a kind of “speed dial” feature, similar to the one of Opera.

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