Organize Your Desk

Saturday, March 13, 2010 |

The Space Bar is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that functions to minimize clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. After a long day of work, simply slide your keyboard into the designated space below the shelf and store your office miscellany -- keys, digital camera, Split Stick, etc. -- up top. Coming back to work the next morning will be easier if you know you're returning to a clean desk!


- Constructed of aluminum with durable plastic accents.

- Can stow a keyboard up to 18" long by 1.5" high.

- Six USB ports conveniently located in the front of the shelf. No need to conserve your ports anymore -- now you can have your camera, iPod, Split Stick, and other gadgets hooked in all at once!

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Good Idea Mousepad

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Scratch-n-Scroll is a standard mousepad with an added writing surface. This mousepad is for all those times you are working at your desk and cant find a pen to jot down that phone number or list item you know you will forget later on.

Simply, write notes to yourself on your mouse pad using just the pressure from your finger or the built in plastic stylus as a “pen.” Cool thing is, just like your childhood toy the magic slate, you can erase the notes at any time simply by flipping up the semi-transparent top sheet.

Scratch-n-scroll maintains the slim portable design and scrolling surface you've come to expect of a standard mousepad, and works in conjunction with any optical / ball based computer mouse. It features a non-slip back pad ensuring that it stays put on your desktop while in use.

Only $14.99, here


Motorola Droid just $119 from Dell

Monday, November 23, 2009

Latest Android-powered handset: the only Android smartphone with the new Google Maps Navigation app is Motorola Droid

Dell is selling the Droid for ONLY $119 with new 2-year contract, and will ship the handset to you for free via Fedex. Also available for a contract extension for existing customers.