Firefox Strikes Back !

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | , ,

A few update at Chrome's net echo :
First :
Did not want to lose just a few momentums, Firefox project 3.1b immediately launched the counter-attack in the web browser arena since the Google’s Chrome Web Browser presence. Only at intervals of 12 hours since the Chrome presence, the team from Firefox published the Update presence experimental from java script engine -code name TraceMonkey- to overcome engine V8 from Chrome in processed java script.Second :
Found the security hole in Chrome that will permit automatic java applet went in the computer client, without being realised by the user. This security hole in fact came from the web kit platform that was utilised by Chrome, and was found also in Safari browser (patched by Apple). But apparently Chrome forget this patch.
Certainly this was still natural since it's still beta version. Hopefully the next version along with the version of Mac/Linux enclosed this patched.
Last :
Every time we type one letter in Chrome's location bar, then this letter will be sent to Google. This really annoying for the person who was used to it to type "secret code" in location the bar directly. IOW, privacy was changed in a significan manner by this browser. What's that mean? Google knew and collected more complete data concerning the activity of your internet. Before this, Google only knew and understand our internet activity from Google's search box, and Google Analythic script spread in many website. Moreover Google crawl the internet with following links in a website, now Google has the new data source to crawl direct from his user.
Think this.