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The concept of convergence of the real world with the net world possibly was understood by us as virtual world, that is take the form of 3d animation from the real world. This concept could be experienced by us in or in

But had you thought about being the reverse? Yes, how about if this convergence took the form of the real world that being digitalize? My point is, with online camera you could click real places in real terms time? (this Concept we called "convergence2" to distinguish with general convergence was understood by us)

This kind of technology could have been met by you, although still in simple concept which is in Google Earth. Why simple ? Simply our intention was still was not yet real time. But if capital of the market has sufficed, we were sure a new player just came with “the next logical step” that is real time engine. Had tried that was more real like

You may visit Beverly Hills in a panoramix manner here. Or the Laguna Beach coast? Isn't this interesting ? You could see around Beverly hills, in fact you in the front of your computer ...

Now, think about future posibility of this concept. Some people mentioned about shopping in your neighbourhood convenience store, visit them online and real time with Google Street View Apps, click at your favourite snack and meal, sit back, and it will delivered to your room just like you ordered a pizza...

If you think this is impossible, so what do you think ?