2 Interesting Report from Nano Material Field

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 | , , ,

First :

Material that can bends, stretches and still conduct electricity normaly.

Why this is important ? Because this material is made from ruberry polymer that can bend and stretches and still can conduct electricity so it could bring huge improvement in robotics field and implant technology. Think about more realistic knee and elbow for your robot, or, development of such a heart implant and development of an artificial eye implant.
The development of materials that can be shaped and molded to curved surfaces will allow for a whole new class of electronics devices that can be used to better interact with the human body, such as brain monitoring devices.
(Tsuyoshi Sekitani of the University of Tokyo)

Second Report :
Material that bend light backwards

Why this is important (and amazing) ?
Can you imagine having a jacket that makes you invisible ? If this invention can achieve the mass, your dream could come true.

A group of Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley lead by Xiang Zhang, professor at UC Berkeley's Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, report a breakthrough in finding material that can bend light in 180 degree opposite from natural light. This fenomena called negatif index.This material is made from layers of alumunium oxide which contains nano scale silver lens that act as pipe for light.
However this is just labs scale invention. Move to production is another problems.
Why ? Because this material is fragile, so it is far from "jacket" implementation.
But still can this invention apply for invisible laptop or computer case ?