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Improvement From Fuel Cell Technology

Fuelcell Technology experienced the big jump with results of the expert's findings in polymer chemistry of LIPI Indonesia, Dr. Sunit Hendrana about the sulfonasi process for the production of the polymer membrane fuelcell.
Sunit just won Research And Technology Medco Energi Award on the Awakening Day of Nasional Technology (Hakteknas) in Ritech Expo 2008 Jakarta that took place on August 8-11 from his research was entitled "Ultra Fast Heterogeneous Sulfonation Technology for the Production" of the "Polimer Fuelcell Membrane".
At 2004-10-20 a group of scientist from LIPI Indonesia registered patent in fuelcell related technology. Dr. Sunit Hendrana; Ir. Imam Junaedi; Dr. Ir. Haifa Wahyu, M,Eng; Undang Wahidin, ST are the team member.
"Technology fuelcell will become 50 percent cheaper with these findings from market price, membrane fuelcell that in the market at this time almost ten thousand dollar per square metre," said Sunit in Jakarta, on Wednesday (13/8). With this technology, the membrane fuelcell also could be made with very fast less than one minute from normal three till eight hours per the membrane. Moreover the membran quality could be better in the high temperature.
Sunit also Chairman Association of the Indonesian Polymer said, in this world just two countries that carried out the research sulfonasi this kind, that is from Indonesia and from Finland. However in Finland the production of the membrane was still necessary time around 3-4 minutes.
Sulfonasi was the process of sticking the cluster sulfanat (SO3H) to the polymer in order to be able to deliver the ion. The research by Sunit was patented, namely the patent about the Process sulfonsi solid gas to the polymer with the closed system and the patent about the Conductif Membrane was based on Polistiren sulfonasi for the Membrane of the Fuel cell.
The production of the membrane has been cleared since 1995. They struggled almost without help of the fund from the government. In 2004, the membrane made by the special team that was chaired by Sunit Hendrana was finished. The membrane was made from polesterin, namely a kind of plastic that was made from the waste of the petroleum outcast. This membrane was typical Indonesia. "Still had one related discovery more that will be patented," added the Doctor from University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia in the Polimer chemical field.