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Friday, October 10, 2008

The web portal is designed to serve the world market with used car exports out of Singapore. It is also a platform and a market place for over 450 used car dealers from Singapore to offer their daily stock updates.

Mission Statement: The only web portal of its kind here, the will soon become an Internet based auto-exporting powerhouse, as the overseas demand for quality used cars from Singapore soars.

Our Advantage: The advantage is that the vehicles in Singapore are cheaper than those from Dubai and Japan and that they take shorter time to ship compared with Japan or Dubai. The strategic location of Singapore is best suited and world know for its logistic infrastructure.

Another key advantage of used cars from Singapore is that used cars are very well maintained and of excellent quality as compared to the other countries. Singapore used vehicles come with extras such as leather seats, alloy rims, CD players and changers, sunroof and others that make a car look sleek.

Your Advantage: Whether you are looking to buy one unit of car for personnel use or you are the established dealer importing the vehicles from Dubai or Japan, you can now find a huge selection of quality cars from over a 450 car dealer's / exporter's from Singapore only auto-exporting powerhouse - the

Singapore Dealer's Advantage: As a dealer selling your used vehicle to export markets, our web portal offer's several benefits as below:

1. Better Exposure to world markets.
2. Combined efforts to compete with Japanese and Dubai based exporters.
3. Feel of market prices of most selling used brand of motors from other dealer's.
4. Direct access to over 25 foreign buyer's from Africa, Europe and Other countries.

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