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Friday, October 10, 2008

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Who is TheWebReviewer?
At the beginning...

It started back in early 2006. Like many of you, he reached that point in his life where he was desparate to be making more money. At this time, the thoughts of ever becoming a full time marketer never crossed his mind. What he needed was some supplemental income. he just had his second child, the mortgage payments were slowly backing up, his son needed an operation after his birth, and his 9-to-5 job showed no signs of significant raises in the future. What does he do? He obviously could not leave his job, because it was still supporting them to some degree. He really could not get a night-time job because he would never see my family. He's always been good with computers and so he went to the internet trying to find ways to earn extra money in his own spare time.

He typed in "make money online" and "home based business" into Google and as you already know, a whole slew of ideas, programs, eBooks and "gurus" got thrown right in his face. In early 2006 it was, it is 10 times worse. So after reading up on a lot of ideas, he chose two avenues to pursue:

* Paid Surveys
* Affiliate Marketing

He liked Paid Surveys because it seemed so easy. Heck, it was something he could do in front of the TV or at work on his lunch break. He signed up for a program and went for it! He signed up for about 50 sites and in about a week, He received 2 surveys. Each paid $10 dollars and took about 45 minutes to fill out. Yep, it worked, but $20 per week was not going to cut it (and frankly, they were easy, but not very interesting). So he decided to give affiliate marketing a chance!

After a lot of hard looking and research, He choose the book The Life Empowered, by John Westbrook. He liked the fact that John Westbrook knew his story, and seemed supportive from a customer service stand-point. The book itself was good and it introduced him to a world he knew nothing about...and it made SO MUCH SENSE! It was about being paid for referrals! Simply speaking, if he send a visitor to a vendor's website and that visitor buys something, he receive a percentage of the sale. He loved it! No products to buy! Nothing to ship! Just get people to these sites and hope they buy something! Ingenius!

So He went out, created a Google Adwords account (to buy advertising on the search engines), and started to "direct market" traffic to these vendor websites. (This process is now referred to as the "Google Cash Method" or "Data Entry Program", which no longer works). In fact, it did not work then, either. In September of 2005, Google changed its policies to discourage this quick cash method of making money as an affiliate. It was a lesson he learned the hard way: About $200 he would say.

John (Westbrook) pointed him in the right direction by suggesting to make his own website. During this time, he was obsessed with making this work and started to buy other popular eBooks and programs such as The Rich Jerk, Super Affiliate Handbook, Wealthy Affiliate, and Become Hated. Some of these he really liked, others were just regurgitations of the same information. Still, he was learning and each program offered something new that he could apply to his new venture.

March 22, 2006: His first sale.

Yes, he created a simple (and rather awful looking) landing page and started to promote ProActiv Solutions (you know, the acne remedy). He spend about $80 in advertising, but he made his $7 commission...AND HE WAS EXCITED! That first sale proved to him that this could work! But not this way! A net loss of $73 dollars is not a good business plan. At this point, he had learned a lot and the lesson here was he lack of market research. He scrapped the site, started to really research markets and tried again.

He bought MORE eBooks and kept studying. He then created another was fact, it was nothing more than a blogger blog at this point (image to the left). By the end of June 2006, He had made $200 in PROFIT. He was floored! But one thing that was going on here was his knowledge not only of the business, but of the eBooks, tools and programs that were currently out there. Since he knew so much about this stuff, he chose to create another "little" side website called Here He wanted to share with everyone his experiences of each one of these resources that are available. In doing so, He wanted to create in-depth reviews and recommendations for those in his same position. It was crude at first, but it was meant to be informative.

That was then.

Here they are in 2008. TheWebReviewer really took off! People really enjoyed the in-depth looks at these products (versus the over-hyped sales pitch reviews that can be found virtually anyone on the internet these days). In December 2007, he gave TheWebReviewer a complete make-over to include more reviews (also user reviews!), a nicer looker, and a better community and resource for others.

And yes, he did "fire my boss"! Back in early 2007, the collection of sites that he had created finally started earning him enough money to pursue internet marketing full time. He started to diversify, too. He began creating Adsense sites and eCommerce sites. And in mid-2007, he decided to converge all of his experiences, studies, stories, and strategies into his own home based business teaching website called NetWebVideo. Here, he educate others on how to achieve success online through step-by-step screen capture video instruction. One major issue he found that lacked in the online marketing training world was that most of the programs would tell you WHAT to do, but few would show you HOW to do it. In NetWebVideo, he shows his clients step-by-step what he does to achieve success. (To learn more about this program, visit

Looking back at how he started this whole adventure, he is always amazed! All he was looking for was a supplemental income. Now he found himself doing some that he LOVE to do, working from his own home office, seeing his 3 kids and wife more often than ever, and making more money than he ever thought in this business.

His purpose of TheWebReviewer is to give you the insight needed to achieve the success you desire. Finding the right instruction and the right venture that will work best for you is the first step. What are his suggestions to make this work?

1. Take Action Now! Tomorrow will never come unless you start Today!
2. More Action! Just learning this stuff will earn you nothing! Once you start learning, start trying!
3. Failure is your friend! Don't fear it! Learning from your mistakes will only make you stronger!
4. Perseverance! It is not easy at the beginning. Why? Simple, you don't know what you are doing!

No eBook or program will be able to show you a complete recipe to achieve success online. But once you start discovering your own true secrets to online money making, you will find repeating it to become very easy while you work less and make more money than you could ever image!

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