Will Ubuntu Dominate OS Market ?

Thursday, September 11, 2008 | , ,

Recently we've checked Distrowatch for the list of popular Linux Distribution in the world. Ubuntu still on rank #1 today. And Ubuntu's founder Mark Shuttleworth believes that Ubuntu is ready to compete with Windows and Mac OS X and he expects to see the open source Linux distribution ship on millions of devices in the coming year.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announced that his company, Canonical, soon will hire professional designers and interaction experts to improve the usability of the Linux desktop software.

Mark Shuttleworth described his strategy for accelerating the adoption of Ubuntu Linux:

1. Boot Linux Faster then ever. Canonical Ltd will work very hard to build the next Ubuntu faster. This edition is known as "Jaunty Jackalopefor".
"Being so fast that it's extremely hard to catch, and breeds only when lightning flashes" wrote Shuttleworth. "Let's see if we can make booting or resuming Ubuntu blindingly quick"
This could be a good feature which probably will make Linux technology flies over the Vista's market. And this feature is not impossible in Linux, we have tried years ago Machboot Distro, which is consider as the fastest linux distro on earth. It can boot only in 5.68 second after bootloader started to working GUI. And if we combine it with Open BIOS or Linux BIOS, (fastest: 3 second power on - command prompt), so six up to ten second is reasonable as the fastest boot time in Linux world. Turn your computer as fast as you turn on your TV ( I wonder why this feature is not exist years ago).
We do not know whether Ubuntu will make the same path as Machboot, but it seems that Machboot using some exotic filesystem LazyFS and tmpfs which's not commonly used in mainstream Linux distribution.

2. Desktop application that seamlessly integrates the web. Mark mention it as "Weblication". One good example is Firefox extension.

3. New distributed version control system.
"For the first time, any developer will be able to branch any Ubuntu package with a single bzr command, publish their changes, and perhaps even publish builds of that package in their own Package Archive"

Dell is already shipping Ubuntu on its new mini 9 netbook and we expect to see more Ubuntu-based subnotebook products coming soon. Will Ubuntu (Jaunty Jackalopefor) Dominate Market ?

Linux -not just Ubuntu- is still facing a real problem to dominate the market. First, when people everywhere are complaining about Vista, why they prefer "back" to XP instead of migrate to Linux ? And second, after many Linux desktop-related improvement (compiz, dbus, etc), why there is still fear, uncertainty, and doubt on Linux in public sector like education, goverment, and business ? So, it is not easy to beat Windows. As it is not easy for Vista itself to konqueror XP :)