Visual Search Engine (3)

Saturday, September 06, 2008 | ,

[way to late to report], but this visual search engine still worth to mention : attract 1,5 million daily unique visitor -failing down from 4 M since Aug 07-
They have fun red-strip-zebra animated logo. Try it ! The Zebra icon will grin :) to you...And they have a new concept for advertising, that is PPC on top 3 text result (yes they have text result too...)...

But (do you hear butt or but?) personally we still favour . Why ? Because stack concept is really a good idea (have you ever lost your favourite web site link ? provide a whole new way bookmarking a website. Anyway you like it, as long as you click stack button and then drag it (dont forget to drop it).
Even if your favourite website has not indexed by, you just wait for couple second and ... woallaa..they will generate thumbnail for you directly. Furthermore, you dont have to register doing so. The 'cookie' things is enough.