Thinwire Ajax Framework is Back!

Monday, September 15, 2008 | , ,

This story comes silently 12 hours after we're published Wavemaker Framework.

After almost one year in uncertainty, will it stop or continue on development, finally good news come from Thinwire Community that the project will soon move forward about a week or two time frame. This development is come from new set of developer and a brand new goal to push thinwire as an unique Ajax Framework.

For everybody that never heard Thinwire, this will tell you all about Thinwire :
ThinWire is an open source, Java based web application framework that utilizes Ajax techniques to give Web Applications the look and feel of traditional GUI applications. The project encourages all users to contribute and enhance the product. ThinWire attempts to differentiate itself from the plethora of Ajax frameworks by bringing the event-driven programming model of desktop applications to web programming. The source code of a ThinWire based application will more closely resemble of a traditional desktop GUI application than it will a web application. ThinWire handles all the web rendering and browser/server communication automatically. (Source wikipedia).

Wavemaker is a good tool for developer when it comes in RAD chalenge, but the execution of wavemaker is a heavy stuff and expensive bandwidh consumer, it takes more than one minute for an appllication so it can be used. (It takes almost 1000 kb .js download on average web browser). Offcourse it is not major problem for closed-internal application in big company, but surely it will brings problem for regular public web site operation. Thinwire is lighter and faster in term of json execution, and a browser (any major browser), will only download 140 kb .js for a web application to start functioning. Then it is a huge different, when there's many simultaneous user.

If you looking a fast tool for develop web application, you might consider wavemaker because they have WYSIWYG Editor, but if you considering Ajax Framework with light execution, Thinwire has a reasonable tools to offer.