*NEW* GAUDI: Google Audio Indexing

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | , ,

Gaudi is Google newest Google Labs Project to indexing audio content. Google Audio Indexing is a new technology from Google that allows users to better search and watch videos from YouTube channels (right now limited only to Politician Channel). It uses speech technology to find spoken words inside videos and lets the user jump to the right portion of the video where these words are spoken marked with yellow bars on the progress meter (see below.). Those videos with the terms are shown in order of relevance.

As more video content is being created everyday, Google Audio Indexing tries to make it easier for people to find and use spoken content from videos on the Web.

Google Audio Indexing is a showcase for Google's Speech Technology built internally. Why Political Video ? Political videos has received a lot of academic and industry attention and is known for well quality.

GAUDI: Google's Audio Indexing Project
Google Audio Indexing uses speech technology to transform spoken words into text and leverages the Google indexing technology to return the best results to the user.

The returned videos are then ranked based -- among other things -- on the spoken content, the metadata, the freshness.

Gaudi periodically crawl the YouTube political channels for new content. As soon as a new video is uploaded to YouTube, it is processed by Google's system and made available in Google's index for people to search.