Google Platform Building Blocks

Monday, September 22, 2008 | , ,

Two steps ahead !
In a very competitive market these days, average internet company found it is not easy to break elites dominance. With billion dollar entering market, more technology breaktrough involved, more inovative ways needed to win competition.

However, for established company, the strategic choice is not limited only in technological platform but also in user acceptance in a new developed platform.

Lets think about Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft has bought facebook, powerset, and photosynth to strengthen it's presence in web market. They also launch Silverlight as one of "poisonious" marketing strategic. When there's enough people using this platform, then it means more money will arrive, and more available business models will show their existence.
But Microsoft has a distiguish name in monopoly the market. See what happens with Netscape, Wordperfect, Digital Research, Sony Playstations, and early Apple. Microsoft has kicked out all of them, and later on "eat" them.

Now lets check Adobe, after they bought Macromedia (a very clever strategy), and with a nature of technological advantage they have, it is not hard to understand why Google "hates" them. If you cann't win the competition, then joint them. Otherwise you'll extinc. I believe this is why -one reason- Google buy Youtube, a successfull flash applied technology. Another reason, a flash site is breaking down Google's search quality model, this is why Google bought Youtube so they know what happen inside Youtube. Lastly, Google developed Gaudi, so search quliaty is improved, nevertheles irrelevant. (Do you know that world is 2.5 times search for "youtube" keyword these days compare with "google" keyword ?)

Now, for our favourite key player, Google has a unpredictable strategy, despites of the media covered news, we usually hard to catch up what Google trying to do with his future. Barely nothing for a clear Google Platform Building Blocks. Everything is in the cloud. At least until now.

Now it is clear what Google trying to do.
First, they try to 2 steps ahead the competitor.
They are not -even tryng- to head to head strategy with competitor. They inovate, and not regulated. They co-opetition rather than competition. They use Linux, build biggest computer cluster from small computer, and they use phyton in GAE. They use and believe in open source, and they built market with free support arround the globe, without spend marketing cost a dime.

Second, they build separate services appears not related, but actually they do. They build Gears to run web application off-line (so it makes OS more irrelevant), they build Chrome to speed up java script execution (so it is possible for non flash apps to gain more speed), and they launch open source Android to provide the -3 times user than internet- as anew market for Google services.

What's left is HTML5 and Adobe Air. This is still not clear for us. But as Larry Page and Sergey Brin do at early Google, they built a PC with Lego Blocks, it looks like this is what they do when they built for Google's Future...